Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wrick’s December 3, 2007 HCD #007

Aloha & Welcome to:

Wrick’s December 3, 2007 HCD #007

Rain humor. hmmmmm.... ok. let it be wet then. ok, it's high winds and high surf too. way cool on the big surf. ...well... watching it anyway. . . ...i'm not going out there on those 35' to 40' wave faces today.

Yup - odd yuck about clicking images to see bigger works (so you can read what the panel says), now that clicking puts it on your desktop too. hmmmm...

If you do want to see things easily readable: Click an image - then when you're pau (finished) you can clear/delete the files/images from your desktop . ...or... snicker-chortle when ever you need some (weird) rain humor. . .

as always of course, have fun - aloha - Wrick

Server outage followed by power outages here on Dec. 4, 2007 meant that i wasnt able to get my HCD up on the 4th. - so... now i'm trying again - on Dec. 5th. this weather - wind, rain, high surf is expected through the week end... so... more of the same and if i disappear... that's where i probably am.

(Oops. A couple of times I dated these 12-1 rather than 12-3 or 12-4 - which they should have been. oh. heck. never mind. sheesh.)

My HCD actually began here:

Yup, that's it for my HCD this year - hopefully not my last tho... Have fun in the rest of the year, panels, and life.

Sure. You can join us for a few attempts at humor - anytime.

have fun. ...and if you dont have any fun - make some. - aloha Wrick.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Victoria's December HCD

Well howdy doo. De doot doot doot. De dah dah dah. That's all I wanna say to you. That, and the following day in progress as of 10:15 this evening. Click on the pics for biggers and come on and join us sometime, hay? You can pick any day, or days, for as many hours. Just draw somethin' darn it. It's rilly fun.

**okay I just noticed something new: to click for bigs, it downloads the picture to your desktop whereas last month, Booger would just load a new page in your browser with the bigger picture. What a load of doo doo.**

Friday, November 9, 2007

Nov. 2007 - Who is Wrick anyway?

Wait. i dont have to answer that do i?

In case the words on the panel dont show up well i'm posting them here (you can of course click the image to see a larger view:

Nov. 11, 2007
Yup. Another falling off the edge of the world moment day week Month(s)! Gotta like
those – that’s the time to take risk, yes… like… one more HCD Panel!! At least one!
“…It’ll get better. It’ll get better”, He whispered into the sky, laughing as the great
spiral began again...

Who said, “God is a comedian playing to an audience that is afraid to laugh.” ???

Yup. This is my esoteric sense of humor… ok warped too. Go ahead unwrap warped
and see what happens. “Ok I will.” He again called into the everness as he continued
his soliloquy on the spin side of laughter . . .
Happy Novembering - ©07 Daddario

Thursday, November 8, 2007


hello peeps!
YES, i finally managed to do it!
one HCD down, many more to go i hope.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Victoria's Nov HCD

We-heh-hell, whaddya know? Here's how my day was, how about you?


Here's the back cover, for when I make these into a zine, which I do every goshdarn month oh yuh.

Here's the inside front cover, or the inside back, I have not yet decided oh noh.

right-o! thanks fer stoppin' by.

guess what?

monkey butt.