Friday, June 8, 2007

Vivian's June 1st :)

Hey kids, I am in the middle of moving and I'm really supposed to be cleaning and packing stuff, so without further ado, my HCD contribution for June (click for bigger images):

Make some noise if you wanna, and please join us in drawing on July 1st!
Make tea not war,

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Wrick’s June 1, 2007 HCD #004

Wrick’s June 1, 2007 HCD #004 – Center … ok, Slightly Off Center… of the big Pacific puddle. Star date 004 dot 20 dot panels dot 0f dot 0h. … wait. That’s something else…

…waiting and waiting and waiting. I was so busy waiting for HCD to begin… that I missed the beginning of it. In fact I noticed HCD had begun almost 3 hours after it began. Then I spent the rest of the 24-hour day trying to catch up and going so fast that I got further behind the faster I went until I’d catch up and then get behind again. But its ok, cause I ended my 24-hour HCD about 24 hours later at 2:24 AM…

Is life normal this way?
Cause mine sure is.

Further more as I worked I realized how far out and off the world I had stepped recently . . . but that’s normal too. Sheesh.

So here ya go, my permanent-and-falling-normal-race-to-get-behind AND catch-up HOURLY COMIC DAY of sorts – which is also probably why I’m posting on the 5th after I did HCD on the 1st... Hey was that really an alien spacecraft normal kinda day I saw someplace?

(Click on the individual panels to make them larger or write a documentary on the wonder of why you are here.)

Ok. Now go snicker someplace else or comment if you're at work and snickering isnt allowed. - Be having fun. - aloha - Wrick