Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wrick's Entirely Digital HCD With Color

Aloha all ye mighty HCD fans. ...okay, okay and air conditioners too!

Just so you know, i'm trying to find my way. ...again.

These panels - written and drawn - are all entirely done on my computer. . . that is - they are all entirely digital. amazing, yes? okay, amazing to me - and way fun too.

...mostly i used my Wacom Cintiq - one of the new versions of a pen and tablet. just so you know...

...have fun.
Yes i almost missed the fact that i had started.

...with Color.

....later that day...

...and of course then my real day began. ...

...and then my real day ended because i had other things to do too.

...however of course any day is right for having fun, yes. have fun. aloha.