Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Wrick’s July 1, 2007 HCD #005

Aloha All & Welcome

Whew. Made it. ...Although... It occurs to me that I'm not exactly sure if Hourly Comic Days are becoming more strange, more normal or more eerily familiar. How can you tell? How do you know? Who do you ask? ...Are they becoming strangely normal or may be normally stranger? In any event, upper or lower case as the case may be, thanks for looking because you're always:

Welcome to have fun with my July 1, 2007 #005 Hourly Comic Day; Life Imitates Art.

As always, click the panels if you want to read them.

...and mostly, have fun. - aloha - Wrick (...in case you dont get any further than this...)

Well? Strangely normal or eerily familiar? Despite encouragement to make a choice, voting on either will not alter the reality of my normal... ...or strange for that matter... it will simply define commitment to voting. However leaving a comment may be responded to in time. Have more fun. - aloha - Wrick


V.K. said...

coooool Sharpie quilt!! I love it! I've been scrounging old t-shirts from friends for my grubby garden wear. I think I feel inspired by your sharpie play to go ahead and scribble on some t-shirts!

I really love that you include so many sensories in your panels. Sight (but of course), sound, taste, textures, kinesthetics - !!!

I bet you are one of the few people awake at the newspaper delivery hour to actually hear the thunka-thunka twice-round the cul-de-sac :)

I swear, I just read about the drop of glue remedy for splinters! And I just had a splinter in the bottom of my foot -- the day you posted these! (small splinter, a wee one)

I love the Aka face. I think you probably captured her just perfectly. Those eyes are really wanting a treat oh yes (I recognize the look from Josie, too -- a friend's Shelty for those of you who don't know her)

That grocery aisle drawing is intense! How'd you do THAT?! Whoah. Yeah. And then, allll those bags of groceries and you with two glasses of gatorade (glad you got rid of the headache!!!)

I like that you used color in the rain and garden panels....yum.

And I loove all those little birdies gathered round the (very cool) coconut bird feeder. What a party!

Your closing panels is really great. Brings us/the reader right into it. And there is something comforting (?) or reassuring about the note tucked under the brush. I like how personal that little drawing is -- the tools that you use, held by the hand that draws, connected to the brain and heart that generates and conducts it all.

Great day, Wrick. So glad you did it again!!

Vivian Evelina said...

hey, i finally got around to reading this. all the shopping bags in drawing #10 look like bunnies! that was all.

V.K. said...

ha ha ha! You're so right! Wow....I'll never look at one the same again.