Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wrick’s December 3, 2007 HCD #007

Aloha & Welcome to:

Wrick’s December 3, 2007 HCD #007

Rain humor. hmmmmm.... ok. let it be wet then. ok, it's high winds and high surf too. way cool on the big surf. ...well... watching it anyway. . . ...i'm not going out there on those 35' to 40' wave faces today.

Yup - odd yuck about clicking images to see bigger works (so you can read what the panel says), now that clicking puts it on your desktop too. hmmmm...

If you do want to see things easily readable: Click an image - then when you're pau (finished) you can clear/delete the files/images from your desktop . ...or... snicker-chortle when ever you need some (weird) rain humor. . .

as always of course, have fun - aloha - Wrick

Server outage followed by power outages here on Dec. 4, 2007 meant that i wasnt able to get my HCD up on the 4th. - so... now i'm trying again - on Dec. 5th. this weather - wind, rain, high surf is expected through the week end... so... more of the same and if i disappear... that's where i probably am.

(Oops. A couple of times I dated these 12-1 rather than 12-3 or 12-4 - which they should have been. oh. heck. never mind. sheesh.)

My HCD actually began here:

Yup, that's it for my HCD this year - hopefully not my last tho... Have fun in the rest of the year, panels, and life.

Sure. You can join us for a few attempts at humor - anytime.

have fun. ...and if you dont have any fun - make some. - aloha Wrick.


V.K. said...

I'm so glad you did a comic day! I love the panel where you're sticking your arm out the window, and the rain is falling, but the eaves still make a nice dry/ish place.

Have you set yourself free yet? Have you climbed back in the cage? I am familiar with that scene.

I'm glad you can dance in the rain there without freezing yer tushy off :)

I liked reading about your day.....even if it's several weeks later! I haven't been over here since I posted at the beginning of the month!

V.K. said...

oh yeah! the newspaper dream in an unfamiliar language, and that panel....ah lovvit!

Wrick said...

*big grin* - aloha V.K. and Happy Seasonings on ya.

i knew you'd find my panels eventually. i'm so glad i did them too.

i'm worried i wont get to them again on the next 1st!!!! arrrrrrrgggghhhaaaa.

i do have a lot of fun with them.

no. that cage. and freedom... sometimes.. it simply seems like i'm never quite sure which side of the cage door i'm on. so i'm never quite sure if i go through it... whether i'm going out of or into the cage. and.. even when i am sure, and i am going out... i've found... i'm just in a different cage that i havnt quite found or recognized the bars on, yet. so... about all i can do... i think... is. keep. trying. ya know?

no worries. the rain is still dance-able tho and i have plenty of opportunities for that. . .

oh. and i was wrong about the little bunches of grapes. they werent little bunches of grapes. i've found... they were little clusters of blossom buds. duh.... and now... some have bloomed into blossoms. so.. may be NOW there will be little bunches of grapes... and i can dance all over again.

yup. i was glad when i found your H-Comic-Day too. it made my day.

so... happy seasonings on you all over again V.K. and good guffawing for New Years too.

aloha - Wrick.