Monday, May 28, 2007

Better late than never....

I finally managed to get my scanner working, but then I discovered that I'd left pg1 at my Dad's! So here is pg2 onwards so I've at least got my comic up while it's still May :D I'll add pg1 in when i pick it up at the weekend.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wrick's DARK Hourly Comic Day - yikes #003. ...May 1, 2007

Well heckos you speedy demon co-Hourly-Comic-Day Movers & Shakers. ...heck i'm still on yesterday the way this planet spins off it's 24 hour axis of time zones against little rocks in the big middle of a big (Pacific... or should that be Specific) puddle... well... Heck. ok... not exactly...

Weclome to my DARK HCD...

... ... . . . . . . was a desparate and gloomy, down and groany late Monday night eve. . . ...ok, it was near mid-night the night before Dark Tuesday May 1, 2007 and i piled in to it like a tsunami against a vacuum. . . ...shudder... . . . blinders on, shutters 90% closed i ventured into my DHCD (Dark Hourly Comic Day). ...and it all began like this:

... ... ... ok it ended like this and then it began like the next one.

...comments are for my enjoyment. keep that in mind or i'll send a Dark Tuesday into your mirror the next time you brush teeth, comb hair or otherwise burp babies. . . ...i have that on good authority via my ominous and omnipotent dark warlock powers of evildoerness... . . . ...well, heck i hope you had a snorkeling chortle anyway.

...enlightening in increments but still casting shadows... yours truly - aloha, Wrick.

Vivian's May 1st

That's right kids, I'm posting my scans already! I've noticed that I don't actually draw for every hour, more just now and then after no particular system, but is it really that important? I think not. Onwards!

Victoria's May 1st

Well hello there! Can you believe another month has come and gone again? Believe it, or not, it has. I think it is time for me to invest in a scanner. The light in this apartment isn't the greatest and I can't seem to provide a good source of it either, despite buying a few lights when I moved in. Sorry if it's a bit fuzzy, but I made the pictures pretty big so click to see more better.

Here's a day in the life of a me in Oregon: