Thursday, November 8, 2007


hello peeps!
YES, i finally managed to do it!
one HCD down, many more to go i hope.


V.K. said...

ahhhhhh! yays! you're here!

it's splendid. Hey, are you me or am I you? Our days are ver ver similar....minus the aquatic friends, the girl, and the 'stubbie' (which cracks me up!!).

so uh......okay, you with the ponytail! So your hairs are now short? Must. See. Picture.

What happened to your Mac? Did you have to sell it?

I sooo missed seeing your artwork. I luuuuurvesitalllllllll.

Vivian Evelina said...

yay! <3 i'd like to propose a toast: to future HCDs! :D glad to have you onboard!
sounds like a nice day, except for the argument o___O.

Wrick said...

Yes. way cool to see you here Frogstar.

see. i didnt slip completely off the planet. yet.

...may be i just needed some star power???

have fun. all ya'll - and no more argumenting. well. unless it's necessary.

way cool on your panels Frogstar and i hope you have many more too.

frogstar said...

yes! yay! i'm here!
thanks for the goodly words, all of you. i enjoyed scribbling for a day, might even try do it more often... ;-)
vk, i still have my mac, but i can't connect her to the net at the moment. i need to buy a wireless modem ($300) and get onto a bloody expensive plan, until then i am stuck with dial up on vic's computer. ouchy.