Saturday, August 20, 2011

REVIVAL !!! !!! !!!

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And now.....on with the show.......


thanks for reading......and do consider joining a marathon :)

-Victoria Koldewyn

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wrick's Entirely Digital HCD With Color

Aloha all ye mighty HCD fans. ...okay, okay and air conditioners too!

Just so you know, i'm trying to find my way. ...again.

These panels - written and drawn - are all entirely done on my computer. . . that is - they are all entirely digital. amazing, yes? okay, amazing to me - and way fun too.

...mostly i used my Wacom Cintiq - one of the new versions of a pen and tablet. just so you know...

...have fun.
Yes i almost missed the fact that i had started.

...with Color.

....later that day...

...and of course then my real day began. ...

...and then my real day ended because i had other things to do too.

...however of course any day is right for having fun, yes. have fun. aloha.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

rather than comment, i'm going to post.
wrick, you said "hmmm.. i suspect i've lost some of that ability to deliver a comic sense to these panels."
i beg to differ. your prayer flag panel brought a real grin to my face, i have been there done that with the wind and the flags. it actually reminded me of hanging queen size white sheets on a washing line during a dust storm (at the pub i worked at in the australian desert last year).
i am yet again procrastinating on a project that i REALLY need to get done, and the stress is so immense that i now feel completely immobilised! silly silly me, i know myself better than this surely, but still i fall into the same holes!
fear not, good blogpeeps, i will knuckle down for the next 2 weeks and arise victorious!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Victoria's May 2009 HCD

Heeeey everyone! I can't believe it - I'm back after India, and I just remembered Hourly Comic Day...apparently so did you all. Splendid.

Daaaayummmm, it's good to be here!

Above: front cover (is it obvious?)
Below: inside front cover - I have a tradition of making these into comic booklets. At 18 panels, I needed to make two additional, to work it all out properly on the photocopier format.

Below: I see it in my photo viewer, looks right side up. Dunno why it loaded sideways. Tilt your head! Watch the crick in your neck!

not again!! what's going on here....

yeargh...again with the sideways....

and too lazy to fix it :)

Back cover!

Now I'm off to read the rest of you's!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

HCD Panel for May, 2009

hmmm.. i suspect i've lost some of that ability to deliver a comic sense to these panels. still... this is what i did on May Day, 2009. Cheers on a comic day. ...ok, it's May 3rd. it's still a comic day, yes.

...and what's really funny. . . ok, fun... this entire panel was done using my new (ok, relatively new) digital toy. yup, i plunged in. i did this on a Wacom Cintiq. have fun.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Welcome Returnings

cool on bloggering.
create on. blog on.
and you know...
do the fun stuff too.
- the feather bloggerer.