Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Vivian's 1st of July, fashionably late!

Yeh, I have been scannerless for some time (or maybe just too lazy to set my scanner up?) but here is my HCD for July 1st!

Until next time, which is pretty close at hand (;
Make tea, not war.

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V.K. said...

I love how you divided page three with yumyumyum. The 'interesting' soda bit lets me know you are a true-blue tea-totaller :) And the dutch people on their bikes! Wow! I really AM Dutch (so says my dad when I ask him)....cool....

happy late birthday (maybe again? I lose track of the time)!! What a fun gift from J.

Did you guess the correct lavatory?

Your bro sounds really cool. Did he draw that postcard?

Love your puzzle-packing-picture.

I'm so glad you did this, from Rotterdam even. Was really fun to read. You crack me up.