Friday, November 9, 2007

Nov. 2007 - Who is Wrick anyway?

Wait. i dont have to answer that do i?

In case the words on the panel dont show up well i'm posting them here (you can of course click the image to see a larger view:

Nov. 11, 2007
Yup. Another falling off the edge of the world moment day week Month(s)! Gotta like
those – that’s the time to take risk, yes… like… one more HCD Panel!! At least one!
“…It’ll get better. It’ll get better”, He whispered into the sky, laughing as the great
spiral began again...

Who said, “God is a comedian playing to an audience that is afraid to laugh.” ???

Yup. This is my esoteric sense of humor… ok warped too. Go ahead unwrap warped
and see what happens. “Ok I will.” He again called into the everness as he continued
his soliloquy on the spin side of laughter . . .
Happy Novembering - ©07 Daddario


V.K. said...

I like the spin motion on your painting, and that you are bleeding into the n/ever/more, and also the infinity aspect, and also a sort of oroboros in there too.

The God is a GREAT.

Really is good to see you.

Wrick said...

aloha V. K.

it's good to be able to be here. i hope i'm here a way lot more.

it looks like i may have shifted gears and gone all digital. who knows? not i. this one is all digital tho. and of course not one every hour. ...which may happen again of course (i'd like that but i like this too). i liked the spin effect too(it's a filter - under "blur" in PhoShop) - it seemed to mesh well with the toppling condition. in the card (i made it postcard size so i could make it into postcards if i want to) in the card the words "moment day week" are crossed out so that i get to "months" - of disappearance - more like me, eh?

one panel - sheesh. it took me a while tho. it was fun. i may try to explore this way for a while. i like the idea that i could make them into postcards. i suppose i could do that with the ink drawings too...

it's great that your flickr people are looking in. (aloha flickr people!). i hope some will join in. way cool that FrogStar joined in and Viv is always so awesome. way cool on all of you.

it's good to laugh, yes. - i liked that quote too. there must be a reason we can laugh, yes?

be having fun. aloha - Wrick

Vivian Evelina said...

hey wrick, glad to see you around! like your panel, that quote about god is pretty cool. man, i really should get around to scanning my comic soon...

have a great week!

Wrick said...

mahalo (thanks) Viv, i am hoping to be more around. one panel is not enough... but i knew i had to at least get something going. that's always the place to start, yes.

what! you havnt scanned your comics? hahahaha. ok, bad me bad me. you and V.K. do awesome stuff. i havnt caught all up on the months i missed - but i will... that's the intent at least.

the scary part about that quote with God as a comedian is it makes too much sense!

hey. i have to say, you look so much like your photo! way cool. you rock.

i hope your word count/day is still above the mark - i'll work on having a great week - you work on fun.

aloha - Wrick