Monday, April 23, 2007

Vivian has arrived! Late as always, but with gusto!

Hello kids! These are my drawings for April 1st, which was about a frillion years ago. I'll be quicker with the scanning next time! (Click for bigger images.)

Comments & stuff welcome.
-Vivian Evelina


V.K. said...

Viv, I looooove this that you did!

Among my faves: when you wake up and your hair does too, all sticky-outy; tapping your feet helps! really? I think I can relate...poor muffin though...I don't mean to laugh AT your pain, but 'mortal pain' was sooo spot-on descriptive; I like the female symbol you used for the q in Jacqueline's name!; oh right and off the bat your spelling failure for APIRL...that was priceless.

I am so glad you did this. I love your comics/drawings.

Hey, was it YOUR birthday cake? Or someone else's? Happy Late Birthday to you...if I haven't already said that somewhere...gah! I lose track of things so easily.

Vivian Evelina said...

Thanks, Vic!

Well, "tapping" isn't so much the right word as, erh, "kicking" :P I have to move my feet or I go mad, it's very strange. My mum said she did the same thing when she was young, before she had my brother. Strange stuff.

Actually it was Jacqueline's birthday cake (I can't believe you noticed the 'q'! I always write them like that) :) My birthday is coming up in about a month.

I'll definitely do this again for May 1st, it was a lot of fun!

Penny said...

Fabulous :) I can't think of anything else to say that Victoria didn't already ;)...mortal pain is an understatement!! Hope you felt better the next day!!!

Wrick said...

aloha Vivian

your sense of humor is terrific. mortal pain hopefully not required of course.

i heard that chocolate makes it worse evan tho there may be a craving... i hope the cake wasnt chocolate...

way cool on posting!

i think i see how the blogger account works - i may have to join.

i'm looking forward to May 1.

aloha - Wrick.

Vivian Evelina said...

Thanks Penny & Wrick!

I didn't know chocolate made it worse, but I'm not a chocolate fanatic anyway. And the cake was marzipan :)

CĂ­nica said...

i´ll be waiting for more!

Wrick said...

i couldnt resist. i've added a blog of my own so i can be like real people here.

i dont know how to use it a lot yet but having posted a couple of times here helped.

if you want to visit it's here:

i'm not sure if that will translate to a link or if it has to be copied and pasted.

i've found in posting to HCD i do the panels one day and then spend the next day scanning, resizing and loading them up here. i havnt quite gotten the size down yet. i need to make things smaller than i am used to making them, but i'll catch on one of these months.

have fun Vivian. aloha Wrick.

Vivian Evelina said...

That's cool, Wrick :) I'm new to Blogger as well, but so far I haven't messed up anything, I think.

Wrick said...

hahahaha aloha Vivian - i hope i can keep up with your record. if not, i hope we both keep posting to HCD just the same. - and have fun too. it's always always always a good day to have fun, yes. aloha - Wrick

V.K. said...

Ooh fun to read!

I watched this sped-up footage (oh! har har!) of a night - two people sleeping. And at regular intervals, their feet would move around, bending back and forth at the ankle. I've thought about that ever since. I wonder if it's a more or less universal comfort thing. I like to rub my feet together.

But Viv, I think you may have the corner market on KICKING, or, tapping vehemently.

Wrick's on board now, cool!

I'm anticipatin' the next HCD too. I keep saying I just might need to do it mid-month as well.....and I might add here that anyone is welcome to do it any old time of month you wanna....of course :^)