Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Wrick's Hourly Comic Day - Again 2 - April 2, 2007

Aloha Hourly Comic Day Blog Readers.
Welcome to my Day's Worth comic-ing day.

The panel file sizes below are a little smaller
than they were last month, hopefully this will
make them easier to see on one screen when
you click a panel. If not... I'll try again next month!

I appreciate your time here and enjoy your comments.

Most of all, Have fun. - Aloha - Wrick.

The above panels were created in a wire bound 6" x 6" Canson Field Sketchbook with Rotring Water Soluble Ink and an Aqua Flow Brush (a brush with it's own water supply).

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Thanks for LQQKING. Have Fun and Join us for another HCD soon. - Aloha Wrick.


V.K. said...

I love it!!!

How in the WORLD did you do such detailed panels AND do all the other stuff you did all day? I love the depth and mood of your drawings. Gentle buzz, play, serenity, companionship.

Pizza! Must be a mainstay :-) I NEVER get tired of pizza.

I love the panel of you mowing the lawn. That is one deep lawn. I like the shadow work which really lends the depth. And showeing afterwards is a must, I am right there with ya. Is that a push-mower?

I also like how Aka was present in so many of the panels.

And I like knowing what kinds of drawing/inking instruments you use - cool.

I laughed when I saw all those bags of soil spilling out of your vehicle. That was great. (that is a lot of lugging though)

The 6-7 full moon panel is soooo lovely, Wrick. Positively luminous.

Well any time you wanna do an HCD just do it, however you wanna do it! I'm so glad you did it again this month Wrick. I love this comic-docurama tradition we're building.

And if anyone wants to email us, you can click on the 'really cool clickable button'.

Comments are welcome too :-)

Wrick said...

aloha v.k.

Thanks. it is a challenge to do the panels and do other stuff too. i make some exceptions. some of the "other" stuff is just not conducive to drawing in the midst of it.

even when some activity goes longer than an hour i'm usually thinking and looking and paying attention to what i might use or do for a panel. sometimes i get behind by an hour or two - but i figure if i've worked up an idea in my head... i'll do it when i get the opportunity.

it all comes from each hour of that one 24 hour day. sometimes when i get the chance to draw i'll do 2 or 3 panels in a row, each taken from the specific hours... ok, or there abouts. i know i'm fudging a little on that but it is life. the challenge of remembering is a great exercise.

i like Aka being in these too. she's a great foil to play against - and WITH. out of curiosity after i finished the panels for that day, i counted - in some way Aka is in about half of the panels. she does hang with me a lot sometimes, she likes to see what i'm doing and is always questioning what her roll is in that activity. she also goes off on her own to do her own stuff too. a lot of guarding the den and making the rounds of the property kinds of things i think. or to bring me a reminder... like when she thinks it's treat time or to just go exploring on her own - she is always checking things out and of course sometimes sleeping.

i'm actually trying to cut down on my pizza intake. notice i didnt EAT pizza? i just made a panel about it. i was able to take my mind off of eating pizza by thinking about doing a panel on it. hahahaha. it worked. ...this time.

the lawn got a lot of rain in the week i was gone - i should have mowed the weekend i left. that extra week got about 3 weeks of growth with all the rain, i think. it was way deep, not quite as deep as i depicted it. but i had to empty the bags of grass a lot more times than usual. i use the grass to compost and keep weeds down around fences and things. i also close house windows when i mow because of allergens. ...and yes, it is a push by muscle power mower. it has a motor but it's all effort to move it over the lawn. i had to back track a little in this case too. and i've learned to shower as soon as possible after doing a lot of yard work stuff... it keeps the sniffles down.

a lot of the soil here is fill soil. a lot of that is dense clay. composting helps but i've learned that adding some good soil - especially when planting new stuff and where things settle, is a good idea. so i have been doing that a little more often recently. this is the most i've ever bought at one time. lugging it to the back of the house was a semi-hike. i've often wanted a wheel barrow but each time i think about buying one i wonder how often i'd use it. so... i dont buy it. then i kick my ankle when i could have used it and dont have it. ha. life. again.

i actually stepped outside to look at the moon. it was bright being so full. and with the clouds the sky and landscape DOES take on a luminous quality, so if that came through in the drawing, WOW, i am pleased. there were rings around the moon because of the clouds and i was wondering how i could show that in B & W.

even though these sketches are first attempts they teach me a lot. i see better how i might do something the next time around. that's one thing i like about doing this HCD. i just have to put it down NOW, and let it be as it is. then i can go back later and think about how it might work better. i like that. it gives me a visual to work with. i notice the more i observe and account for initially the better i like the drawing. sometimes i dont think about what i am really drawing and i do things backwards. it still may work but i notice it - sometimes.

i'm reading Noa Noa - Gauguin's journal (translated) from the two years he spent in Tahiti. a lot of his sketches could easily be Hourly Comic Day Style sketches. simplified shapes, great texture, interesting compositions - mostly from daily life.

i like knowing what tools and materials people use in art too. that's why i thought i'd add that here. if people have questions, they can always ask of course, but sometimes the initial information is a good place to get questions going.

the monthly pace is good. altho more often might be better in that i wouldnt forget so much that i learned in the previous work. it's about a two day process for me. drawing one day. then scanning, tweaking, uploading the next. i dont know if i can afford that kind of time twice in every month. i want to keep on the once a month schedule for sure tho. may be as i get more fluent twice a month will be more do-able for me...

yes, i like this tradition building too. i hope others will join us. i know several are thinking about it. it's not about a finished look or anything other than the fun of doing it - each in our own way, as far as i am concerned and about learning - from ourself as well as from each other. i learn a lot by looking at your work, i know i would learn from others too - no matter how they do it. that is invaluable - it cant be done any other way. so i do hope people will give it a try. ..even if it is every other month and even if they simply have two dots or two stick lines that converse. that can be a great vehicle for humor as well. a little more humor in the world is a good thing - imo.

yup. anyone who wants to join in, i'd welcome. comments are welcome too. as an artist/creater, it's really important to know that someone took the time to look. it helps the spirit a lot.

...so thanks for looking v.k. AND for doing your HCD And for commenting too.

cool on. draw on. and have fun, on - always - aloha - Wrick