Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Vivian's May 1st

That's right kids, I'm posting my scans already! I've noticed that I don't actually draw for every hour, more just now and then after no particular system, but is it really that important? I think not. Onwards!


V.K. said...

Viv I love your random day - you wanna be a fox? Okay do tell the story there. I laughed when I read about you doing mailart packaging too. I can't believe how much of a night owl you are! I loved reading all this. Happy early birthday!

Vivian Evelina said...

heh, i was just looking at a gallery of fox pictures and they're such amazing creatures. i've been thinking about totem animals / guiding spirits, you know? myths and symbolism and stuff. and i had a fox momemt.
YEAH, everything made so much more sense now, huh?
i know, my days / nights are all jumbled up, it's crazy. but i'm just programmed that way.
maybe now you'll stop thinking i lead such a busy life when you see how uneventful my days are :P

Wrick said...

hey ViV! you make a great cup of tea! erm... wait. i have to go to the little boys room... erm... i mean the bathroom... wait... the TOILET. for ya. hahahaha.

seriously... (dont cha just cringe when you hear people say that?) ...seriously...

seriouslies you do an awesome comic day. ...if you can do that on an uneventful day... wow on an eventful day.... wait. what makes for an eventful day any way?

seriously. i hope you keep your humor in place for 99.99 years into the future at least. way fun. way way way funny humor insight. way great. i so like your style of humor coupled with your style of drawing. got me reading and following and *d*mn* i forgot i'm supposed to be in a darkmare right now. grrrrremmmmpha. ...

you and Victoria can run over my dark day anytime!!!

and fun me more - aloha - Wrick.

frogstar said...

you three are AWESOME!
loved looking at all your work.
vivien, i loooove your style.

Wrick said...

way cool alohas on you frogstar. so great to see your comment here. cool. viv's stuff is terrific, yes.

Vivian Evelina said...

hey frogstar! how are you doing? :) i heard victoria say you moved to australia? hope you're doing good.

wrick, what can i say - tea makes the world go 'round. i don't always drink five cups a day, tuesday was just one of those days, you know? i love the first cup of tea in the morning. it's good to have something nice you can experience every day :)

and what would be an eventful day? i dunno, maybe one where i actually left the apartment :P

V.K. said...

hey froggy! so nice to see you!

viv you are cracking me up, about the Eventful being...out of the four walls. Yeah no kidding. There are the days when I don't leave the house too.

Still, I think you pack a lot of punch into yer days.

Wrick said...

i have to agree with Victoria, you pack a lot of laughter into your 4-wall days viv. do get out once in a while. sometimes even with a cup of tea it's hard to remember that the sky is the part that is blue and it's grass that is green.

yup i do know what one of those days can be like... what kinda tea sends your day spinning viv? i'm already making sun tea. i make one that is naturally sweet and sip it into the night as ice tea.