Monday, April 2, 2007

Victoria's April 1, 2007


Wrick said...

From Wrick:

aloha Victoria

your sense of humor cracks me up. ...even your mood-o-meter. ...not that i want you getting into those lower levels tho.

great drawings and a wicked sense of humor. way cool.

i hope Marsha's BP got back to normal, that panel got funnier and funnier - flat tire april fooler. ha.

1 dark chocolate too many out of 2. hahahaha. yikes.

ok. i got my HCD on April 2. i got stuck laughing my head off with your panels and havnt scanned mine in yet. ...and it's 3:45 AM. so i am going to go close my eyes and scan them in later today. i hope.

i gotta take humor lessons from you.

have fun. - aloha Wrick

V.K. said...

awww thanks Wrick. 'Twas probably a good thing to do this on a topsy-turvy day, to save me from myself :-)

My camera is wigging out. And/or the full spectrum lighting I photographed under is confusing its sensors. But camera is not doing well, I will have to buy a new one soon. Like, in the next day or two if I want the use of a camera.Bah.

I cannot WAIT to see your HCD!! I'm so glad you did it! Maybe when I get back from running errands you will have posted.


Wrick said...

aloha Victoria

my camera will act up sometimes on a variety of artificial lightings too - even the daylight balanced lighting. sometimes a flash helps even when you dont need it. you may be able to force the flash on your camera. or take the photos outside in the shade on a bright day.

once you have your photos on you computer, most photo programs will allow you to tweak light/dark (the value) and the contrast. those two adjustments will help.

i do that on mine when i scan them in (the scanner works great) - i go about one button darker and one button of more contrast with my ink panels. a "button" is about 10 increments on most programs. one button is just about enough for the human eye to notice it (one increment is hard to notice at all). graphite may require a little more or less - play with it.

your work will look great with a little of that tweaking. once i find about the right adjustment i try to keep it consistent between all the panels worked on with one method.

have fun. aloha - Wrick

Vivian said...

Congrats on moving :) & TROGDOR FOR THE WIN. I love Trogdor. Burninating the village! & I loved those ads!

V.K. said...

hee hee! thanks, Viv!