Friday, March 2, 2007

Victoria's Day!

Heeeere ya go!

I made the pics a bit bigger so click to enlarge.


Bonnie Clyde said...

Aloha Victoria -

this is cool. you have some great lines going with some great visuals.

as much as work got in the way of art, i think your work is providing a lot of compost for your Comic Art. cool on sprinkling it with your drawing and insight magic because even in your work day quick scribbles you got a lot of chuckles outta me.

i may have to borrow, learn... swipe a few of your process concepts. i like labeling the hour as 10-11, 12-1 etc. i kept a rough idea of actual time going because i wanted to see how long i was taking on a panel.

this was fun. it has me still looking 2 days later at ideas and things. and thinking "how would i draw that?" or "oh, i forgot that piece which might have helped in what i drew." cool.

hey. keep that wrist work out up. ...and stay away from the pointy end of those monster scissors.

...and always always always, have fun. k. - aloha - Wrick

Bonnie Clyde said...

thanks Wrick!

I really love doing this, there is a heightened awareness throughout the day that gives it an edge I enjoy. Yeah, like 'how would I draw that' or 'that would be a cool panel!'.

Feel free to swipe, abscond, lift, borrow or copy any process concepts :-) I know I did from looking at the Best Friends Forever HCD boards for the Yearly Hourly Comic Day!

I hope you do this next month too...or very soon again.