Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wrick's DARK Hourly Comic Day - yikes #003. ...May 1, 2007

Well heckos you speedy demon co-Hourly-Comic-Day Movers & Shakers. ...heck i'm still on yesterday the way this planet spins off it's 24 hour axis of time zones against little rocks in the big middle of a big (Pacific... or should that be Specific) puddle... well... Heck. ok... not exactly...

Weclome to my DARK HCD...

... ... . . . . . . was a desparate and gloomy, down and groany late Monday night eve. . . ...ok, it was near mid-night the night before Dark Tuesday May 1, 2007 and i piled in to it like a tsunami against a vacuum. . . ...shudder... . . . blinders on, shutters 90% closed i ventured into my DHCD (Dark Hourly Comic Day). ...and it all began like this:

... ... ... ok it ended like this and then it began like the next one.

...comments are for my enjoyment. keep that in mind or i'll send a Dark Tuesday into your mirror the next time you brush teeth, comb hair or otherwise burp babies. . . ...i have that on good authority via my ominous and omnipotent dark warlock powers of evildoerness... . . . ...well, heck i hope you had a snorkeling chortle anyway.

...enlightening in increments but still casting shadows... yours truly - aloha, Wrick.


V.K. said...

wow, Wrick. I can't belive you did all this and felt so crummy. Maybe it's a good thing that HCD and your Dark Day synched up.

I love the 'evildoer' with the bright yellow flowers. That cracked me up. Yeah what the hell is it, that you get sent some bright cheery fuckery when you feel so drainwaterish? (I'm sure it was actually quite lovely and everything, the mail art)

Sometimes it looks like the pieces of your panel are pushing you around and sometimes it looks the other way - like it's a two-way street, the way you have an influence on outside forces despite feeling (probably, I'm guessing) that you are the one being mostly influenced and at something else's mercy.

That first panel opener said it all right there. Really, it's perfect. Actually the second panel with you under the blankets is pretty awesome too.

The chaotic darkness in panel 10 with you looking like you're approaching mach 10 in a wormhole of hell is a good one.

Well I'm glad you stuck it out and did this thing. Thanks for sharing and sorry you've been so black and blue. I know you'll boomerang back.

Wrick said...

aloha Victoria

may be. hahaha. sometimes life is just normal, ya know? i'm ok. life has little bumps sometimes. not to worry. after seeing the day up i felt better. and reading yours and viv's made me laugh and that felt a lot better. no worries. can we market these days for about 50 gabillion bucks any time soon? hahaha.

that evildoer yellow flower envelope was the first return of a Mail Art ATC swap i'm hosting. it had a couple of terrific ATCs in it. one ATC had a mini book attached to the ATC with about 8 or 9 pages in it. wow on that, yes. i actually didnt get to open the envelope until late that night. or more like late in the early morning of that continuing day. it was a great envelope to receive that day. perfect in fact, because it was such a great foil to my foul mood. fact a couple of times that day i almost forgot i was supposed to be in that dark mood - like in #12 when i turned around and saw Aka laying there just watching me. i had no idea she was even there until i turned. and when i turned her tail started thumping. oops. she grinned me pretty good in that moment. sometimes i just have to let it go through me and i know i'll come out on the other side.

it is a push me, pull myself kinda life sometimes i suppose. i know it's ok to go with it tho - it'll dissipate sooner if i just keep going and let it dribble out. i knew getting out would probably help. i figured going to the plant place was a good idea - i hadnt planned that, i just thought may be it was a good idea in the spur of the moment - that's not something i do often - but i'd been looking at some spaces around mom's hibiscus bush the day before... the 5 plants cost a total of $7.80. way worth it - that too actually got me to loosen up a little. so it wasnt as gloomy as i made it out to be entirely - once i got to thinking in that "Dark" humor side, in some ways i wanted to keep pushing it, see what it might feel like in my work... - my dark humor is pretty light i think.

that first panel (the second one in the posting order - the HCD title piece was actually the last one of the day - it's #18, but i liked it better in the first position) - so the #1 panel is what got me thinking about doing HCD dark. i thought about something stuck in my back but i decided that would have been way too over the top... unless may be it was a mosquito bite.... i think the more subtle approach works better - not that i am very subtle sometimes... may be more like transparent may be...

the #2 panel happened just about that way. but i was excited to get going on my HCD too.

with #10 - i realized i had done a lawn mowing panel last month so i wanted it to be a bit different - the grass is growing fast, it wasnt quite that bad tho - i just thought if i exaggerated it a little it would tie into the dHCD better. the mowing was also an activity to get me out of the gloom and it helped too, plus i got the mowing done! and that felt good. oops. hahahaha.

i've noticed it's difficult for me to do a lot of things on my HCD because i'll get too involved and forget to do a panel - or not want to stop what i am doing to do a panel. so in some ways the day takes me out of typical routines but i also end up doing other little things i need to get done too. it's a nice combination. so HCD becomes a great break to my routine days. i like that.

i'm enjoying HCD a lot - i hope i can keep doing them - i think i will - that's my intention right now anyway. i hope more people will play, it does pick me up - even on a gloomy groany kinda day.

btw - i posted that yellow envelope panel on my More 19 Planets Blog, which i think you know gets picked up by the Syndicated Mail Art Blog - so i invited people to Day's Worth to both come look and to play... gulp. i hope that was ok. . .

oh. cool, a piece of Beethoven's 9th symphony just came on. i like this piece. it's really bouncy and bounding. like a black shadow dog bounding joyfully through the woods on a way fun exploration adventure...

have fun, - aloha - Wrick.

Vivian Evelina said...

aloha wrick! (see, now you made me say aloha...)

hope you're feeling better! i know my first HCD was a pretty dark day for me, but that's life!

the "evildoer" with the sunflower cracked me up too! i imagined someone dropping it in the mail with an evil laugh.

i've been posting about HCD on my journals, but little response so far. of course, i'll keep pestering people about it :P

Wrick said...

aloha viv and heckos, - alohas are supposed to be contagious. you are now an official aloha giver.

i'm ok enough. cant do better than that with out having extra. your HCD and Victorias sent me into fits of laughter. way fine on that. i'm so glad to be part of this. i dont care how many people have fun, cause i am. bwahahahaha.

yup that was truly a timely evildoer yellow flower envelope. i'm grining beyond ear to ear thinking about that. i think you got it right, a big snickering crackle of evildoing laughter when that envelope drop into it's journey.

it's slow going some what on comments. i think people have a hard time spelling when they are laughing. kinda like rubbing bellies and patting heads at the same time but not knowing who's belly your patting or who's head is ready for a thumping. ...

i have gotten a couple of good off comment, comments about yours and our HCDs. people just go away laughing because.... well... what can you say? made me laugh...?

i know you're helping mechanical_cat to see if she can get here too. that's way cool.

and M-Cat if you're reading this... and i hope you are... play on! whether you get your HCD on this time or next, just keep playing on, yes.

thanks viv. aloha unto thee with lots of leis... erm and laughter too. - Wrick.