Thursday, March 1, 2007

Wrick's Hourly Comic Day Feb. 28, 2007

Yikes is about right.

Yup. Yikes is about right. what cha think? should i add color to a few? that'd be fun.

have fun. aloha - Wrick
©07 Daddario


Bonnie Clyde said...

(Victoria here)

oooh these are great! I like that panel where you're digging for pizza saying that Aka's asleep but she's behind you...also, dreams as bits of food stuck in your teeth! yeah! awesome...Lawn People! heee heee...and when you are at your computer thinking about 'unique' it really does look like Command Central with all those keys!!!

Hey cool! There are bamboo windchimes at my new apartment!!!

wow....your days are lo-o-o-ng. Such detail in your panels, too!

that was so cool to read Wrick - thank you for sharing your day :-)

Bonnie Clyde said...

aloha and thanks Victoria

being my first attempt i like a lot of what happened and feel like there is a lot to adjust and develop, yes.

a few ideas have surfaced since that day which may help down the line.

it's easy to see how doing a few panels a day would generate a good amount of resource material over time. my days are quite similar but there are lots of areas i didnt go in to as well. so there is still more i can explore.

i think i need to work out my humor sensitivities a little more too. i like your humor sense a lot.

way fun. i also like posting one color panel or so. that was fun and i like the possibilities there. i posted it at half the size (or less) than the full versions i used for the entire day and i think it works fine. i may even go smaller in the future.

thanks for your help and setting this up.

cool on this V. have fun. - aloha - Wrick.

Kay Cox said...

Wrick, this was such fun. I loved following your day and your struggle to stay awake in the late afternoon. And your bit about dreams getting stuck in your teeth is priceless. You gotta save that is worth another drawing.

Wrick said...

...that Wrick said...

aloha Kay. way cool that you dropped by. thank you.

it was fun doing it too. it helped me realize that seeing in the idea of drawing and how i can draw something is one thing. how i choose to do a drawing from that seeing has lots of options.

that dream panel is interesting to me for several reasons. it's the only panel where i drew a face quite in that way. the other (few) faces were stylized cartoon-like faces. i hadnt (and still havnt) decided just how i want to do faces or if i do. my ideas have been to just draw the part that is important - if i'm seeing, draw eyes. if i am smelling something draw the nose. but on the close up of the face... which is how i felt when i woke up and saw that dream moving around in my head - close - i put more detail in the face and it shifted from the shape figure i had been using for most of the figure pieces into a more face-like face.

dreams have been fascinating to me for a long time. i've kept dream journals off and on but not a lot recently. i also kept one dream journal where i drew for each dream too. so the fact that a dream entered into this HCD was very interesting... source? or some other aspect of life? hmmm...

i think you are right. i like that panel because it is different and it may well be worth another drawing or three. of course most of them could be drawn again and be worthwhile.

thanks again for the visit. it's great seeing you here.

if you decide to play let me know. i know you can draw and you have some great insights into life - great material for an Hourly Comic Day.

have fun - aloha - Wrick

...and now back to Bonnie said...