Saturday, May 23, 2009

rather than comment, i'm going to post.
wrick, you said "hmmm.. i suspect i've lost some of that ability to deliver a comic sense to these panels."
i beg to differ. your prayer flag panel brought a real grin to my face, i have been there done that with the wind and the flags. it actually reminded me of hanging queen size white sheets on a washing line during a dust storm (at the pub i worked at in the australian desert last year).
i am yet again procrastinating on a project that i REALLY need to get done, and the stress is so immense that i now feel completely immobilised! silly silly me, i know myself better than this surely, but still i fall into the same holes!
fear not, good blogpeeps, i will knuckle down for the next 2 weeks and arise victorious!


Wrick said...
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Wrick said...

ooops. that was me deleting my own post because it had some serious typos. here's the same post without the typos:

well cool FrogStarStrikesAgain. and aloha and thank you too. ...i can see where hanging big white sheets in a dusty wind might necessitate some comic relief...

i also know that immobilized feeling when i have an art piece or some other project to complete. ...often it's because i want it to come out good and i'm not sure that's how it's going to come out. what i've learned tho, is that when i feel like that, i it's best for me to just plunge in and say, well, this is going to be as good as i can make it and since that's all i can ever do anyway. ...then i usually let go and go with my first idea and see where it takes me. and that's it. that's what i can do. so... i encourage you to be you and let go and just do what happens and let that be what it is.

and of course along the way, just have fun doing it. because i'm usually reasonably sure that if i'm having fun... that fun will show up in the work. and cool on that as far as i'm concerned.

...then of course... after you do your project. you can get down to serious real work and do a panel or two for HCD, yes. (j/k - just go for the fun) nice to see you here. aloha - Wrick