Sunday, May 3, 2009

HCD Panel for May, 2009

hmmm.. i suspect i've lost some of that ability to deliver a comic sense to these panels. still... this is what i did on May Day, 2009. Cheers on a comic day. ...ok, it's May 3rd. it's still a comic day, yes.

...and what's really funny. . . ok, fun... this entire panel was done using my new (ok, relatively new) digital toy. yup, i plunged in. i did this on a Wacom Cintiq. have fun.


V.K. said...

yay for new toys, and active air may days! sweeet.

Wrick said...

yup. it's going to have to be my "new" toy for about a year. . . well.. may be 5 years. it's fun tho.

so are the flags. now that i've seen them up for a while, i really like them there.

sweet May Days on ya. have fun - aloha