Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Wrick’s June 1, 2007 HCD #004

Wrick’s June 1, 2007 HCD #004 – Center … ok, Slightly Off Center… of the big Pacific puddle. Star date 004 dot 20 dot panels dot 0f dot 0h. … wait. That’s something else…

…waiting and waiting and waiting. I was so busy waiting for HCD to begin… that I missed the beginning of it. In fact I noticed HCD had begun almost 3 hours after it began. Then I spent the rest of the 24-hour day trying to catch up and going so fast that I got further behind the faster I went until I’d catch up and then get behind again. But its ok, cause I ended my 24-hour HCD about 24 hours later at 2:24 AM…

Is life normal this way?
Cause mine sure is.

Further more as I worked I realized how far out and off the world I had stepped recently . . . but that’s normal too. Sheesh.

So here ya go, my permanent-and-falling-normal-race-to-get-behind AND catch-up HOURLY COMIC DAY of sorts – which is also probably why I’m posting on the 5th after I did HCD on the 1st... Hey was that really an alien spacecraft normal kinda day I saw someplace?

(Click on the individual panels to make them larger or write a documentary on the wonder of why you are here.)

Ok. Now go snicker someplace else or comment if you're at work and snickering isnt allowed. - Be having fun. - aloha - Wrick


V.K. said...

What I see foremostly is that you are playing around more with how you set up the panels and fore/background, and how your figures interact with that - it's cool! And like how in some, either you or Aka are a part of the panel but open to the 'outside' so...part of the frame/part of what's framed.

So there is all this stuff going on in your day! wow! And at the same time, you're all laid back and like....ok cherry....take as long sprouting as you need to....stroll, stroll...

I'm glad Aka is doing better now.

Cracks me up, the panels where you are racing around, like you are floating very fast. And you picked up the 'dog doo in a bag' at the last minute, rushing to get the garbage out. Hee!!

Time crunches are such a great motivator, are they not? I was racing against time for the postman today and boy did I step it into high gear, to get some stuff out. He drove up and I stuck stamps on cards real quick and zoomed out of the apartment to snag him before he left.

I'm still bummed about your 'wee post office' closing! Drags.

I love your jungly yard.

And using spots of color here and there is real nice!

Good day! And the intermission was great, I went and got some licorice and popcorn. I liked how you cheer/toasted us too.

yay let's do it again....loved reading about yer day Wrick.

V.K. said...

ps: I love peanut butter sammiches, too. yes they are yum.

Ducky said...

Now I want a peanut butter sandwich. I'm stuck at work without one. I knew I shoulda made one last night. Another great comic! I'm so enjoying this. Thanks for sharing it with us, Wrick!

Vivian Evelina said...

sorry to hear about the post office and i hope your dog is doing better!

other than that, fun times! i kept forgetting about hcd all day this month, i guess i was really distracted! but i managed to catch up every few hours so at least i got something doodled together. hope to post it soon.

anywho, have a glorious day!

Wrick said...

aloha ducky - i'm delighted you could taste the sense of that pb sandwich... altho i didnt mean to hunger your taste buds for it... but truthfully... fresh pb sandwiches out do night before made sandwiches dont cha think? heck, now i want one again. sheesh. hey check out Viv's HCD - i really like the way she worked that pic into it. you mentioned something similar, yes (not Captain Jackt but the process)

even if you just get a couple panels on the July 1st HCD that'd be cool.

regardless you're welcome - have fun. - aloha - Wrick

Wrick said...

aloha Vivian - yup that little contract post office struggles - this is the second one to open there and close - but it's always buisy. i dont get it. Aka is way better. it was minor so i think she was just a little tender that following day. i bumped the spot accidently as she went by yesterday and she didnt even bat an eye. ...of course she had food on her mind at the time too....

this time of year it's difficult to keep track of everything in a day or a month, yes? must be a universal phenomenon... good thing the sun remembers to rise so often, yes.

fun times on you and for your summer too. where ever you are on July 1 i hope we find out here!

aloha - Wrick

ducky said...

I'm playing with it. I'm working up the nerve. We'll see. If I do one *then* I'm going to have to figure out how to post them. I'm a total non computer geek. Sheez. I'm enjoying all of the HDCs. They're so cool.


Wrick said...

aloha ducky

one of the nice things about Blogger is that i think it is one of the easiest formats for uploading and adding text - as well as re-editing when you want to - need to - do so. size for any site has to be figured out a little - i still dont make mine quite small enough sometimes - but i'm learning.

when ever you are ready to post it'll be fun to have you join THE FUN. - we can help you post. so go for it, yes. your process will most likely evolve as time goes on, so no worries when you explore in new areas - just do it and let it go on from there.

...and have fun - aloha Wrick