Monday, April 7, 2008

Staff Day 2008

I decided to do a little comic today; it was our Annual Staff Day, in which the whole LRCS (Library, Recreation and Cultural Services) meet for half the day together, and then break into separate groups by department. Today woulda been my day off, but you can't beat being paid and fed, right? Right! On with the show!

Rennie! Today is Staff Day! I've been waiting for this ALL YEAR!!!

Last year they handed out stuffed monkeys that screamed when you hit them on the head, and their arms were slingshots, so .............. yeah, there were flying monkeys all over the place. I can't believe they actually went through with that, considering how tight-assed and stiff-lipped they usually are. It was great!

One year the theme was all about 'window dressing'. You know, walking the walk and not just talking the talk; how we're not all about keeping up appearances and pretenses.


Mine pictured here did not go over too well with the crowd I was, by default, forced to sit with at this particular table. Another one that I chose was rejected, but another table came up with it: I'm too sexy for my/pants on fire. I liked these too:

why buy a cow when you can ride a cowboy (what clich├ęs were mashed up there?!)
the blind leading the monkeys (!!!!!! yessssssss!)
it only hurts when I /become my mother
anything can go wrong /up my skirt
the harder they fall/I laugh
three's a crowd/up my skirt

So said our hostess for this session.

Charity was sitting across the table from me, picking books off the shelf and being all Wheel of Fortune with them.

Poor lil' bugger!!
He sho' do like it gruff :-)

That's his tail, you pervert!

We all love her
So very much.
She treats us with such respect!


Sad, really.

Okay, thanks for stopping by! Grab a leftover croissant knot and a bottle of Almost Real Juice on the way out, why don't you?

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