Saturday, August 20, 2011

REVIVAL !!! !!! !!!

Anybody wanna join? email me for the new password and be a Team Blogger (click on the button in the sidebar).

And now.....on with the show.......


thanks for reading......and do consider joining a marathon :)

-Victoria Koldewyn


Vivian said...

victoria! oh my god, it's been about a million years! i got an e-mail from blogger that someone was ~recovering this username & i'm so glad to see an update :D by a stroke of synchronicity, i've been thinking of hcd lately & decided to start doing it regularly again too!! how have you been?! i hope it's good news all around!

eroica said...

well howdy! i had the same email... to an account i no longer use. can you add me with my current address? eroica.lurks [at]

cheers lovely!

Wrick said...

bwahahahahahaha. yeah, i got the call.

aloha!!! Victoria, Vivian and Eroica

very cool to see you (all).

i see you have not only not lost your touch Victoria, you've outdone your touch. wow. very cool panels.

every so often i send people here to look. ...and occasionally i swing by too.

i'd be up for a comeback hourly comic day revival. ...altho... right now... i'm trying to commit to an every day haiga (haiku with image) on my blog over at WP for the month of Sept. so... hmmm... sept. 1 is sweeping up fast. what the heck. sure. i'll try. it may be all digital.

i take it you know Nness no longer exists? at least it didnt the last time i looked. a few of us had one last swap of Naked Mail Art. well. actually i suppose technically... it's still going on. bwahahahaha.

yeah. i still ramble.

cool and fun on. oh. my WP blog is here:

if you want to look.

i also have a dotcom now too. but... it's not all finished up. will it ever be? bwahahahahahhaahaha. no. i doubt it. but i get to keep trying.

cool to see the HCD comic gang. i hope all is well with all you'll.

aloha - Wrick. who is often now, rick too. i get to try HCD in Zen Brush if i want too. bwahahahaha. cool. cool.

Bonnie Clyde said...

wow! hey everyone! Victoria here...

it's so great......a reunion! Good to hear from you all. I'm gonna keep this relatively short. I'll go in and change Eroica's email when I figure out how to do the team thing again.

If you all could email this blog then I can respond from here with the new password and info so you have access to post as a team member. Sound good?

Also I'm gonna add some widgety things so posts can be shared across social platforms.

If you'd like your website/blogsite address on the sidebar, feel free to add that too, once you've sent me an email and you have the new password to access the blog and move the furniture around!

I haven't been on Nness forEVER. But I am on heheh. It's fun!

I hope you all are doing great, sounds like it, and I hope we can gain some momentum on the blog with our comics again.

I'm still in Eugene, been back for a couple years, went to school for a year and a half, taking the summer off, not sure what I am going to do next (no I did not graduate...but I learned some stuff ehhhh).

I guess that was a relatively LONG post...and I'm posting comment as our Team Blog user as I'm logged in to the account :)

Bonnie Clyde said...

okay now I'm remembering how this thing's because we all have Blogger accounts that we can be Team Members (right, right, makes sense). So that is the way you post. If you want the new password you'll need to email me at (which is our Team Blog). The password gains you access to the blog so you can post. I think I am being somewhat recursive and redundant but I have not been very verbal yet today :)

Bonnie Clyde said...


if you have a different Blogger blog you use on a regular basis you can link that as a Team Member.....or I think you can access your own personal blog and redirect your email from there...?

Wrick said...

.... or we can laugh into the moon. right? right? right! yeah.

cool Victoria. we'll get this down. and we'll start a new world order. ...the order of.... HCD. and oblivion. oh. i meant Vivian. no wait. i meant all HCDers and their inclusive companions. ...such as Aka. ...who is doing fine. ...only more devious, subtle, and patient. ahhahahhahahahaha.... if i only could be the being my dog thinks i am... cool V. looking forward to Sept. 1. ...or... any day in that neighborhood give or take... +/-30. bwahahahahahaha. fun. on.. r. w. or... you know... me!

Wrick said...

p.s. clearing the decks. ...other than the things i gotta do.. .you know... like.. awake. this all looks good bonnie clyde ... aloha.

Vivian said...

aww, great to see you all :D hope life is treating everyone well! (guess i am about to find out in your HCDs!)
victoria, i have sent an e-mail to the address you posted. can i add you on fb too? my korea blog isn't up & running yet, but i might add the link once i have it set up :)

Victoria Koldewyn said...

hello! I keep forgetting to check the email for THIS blog.....just now remembered.

Viv I sent you an email from the hourlycomic address. Yeah, add me on FB, that would be AWESOME!

Looking forward to our next round of howling and HCD'ing....good to hear from all of you. Here's to the new world order :)

eroica said...

still can't get on... i'm confused.. i have deleted myself off it on old account, but haven't figured out how to become a team member again. no button showing on sidebar!

Victoria Koldewyn said...

hey eroica - hmmmm...which blog do you want linked? I think you can just sign in to our shared account and put yourself on the list. I'll go in and see what I can do, using the gmail that's on your blogger profile.

Victoria Koldewyn said...

okay, I just went into the HCD blog and issued an invitation to the gmail address linked to your blogger blogs. Now let's see what happens!