Friday, February 1, 2008

Victoria Feb 2008

Good evenin' y'all. It's way past my bedtime, since I only slept five hours last night. Which is like.......not enough! I'm posting what's gone on today so far, and tomorrow, I will visit you all again. Meanwhile, you can check out the official forums hosted by the guy who originated the HCD idea, John Campbell. This month, it's a worldwide event!

off to the forums!


Vivian said...

hey vic, great comics as always :D i love the book-eating and clark kent!! you sent me a cd/dvd once (i think it was "final fantasy vii: advent children"??) it was in an envelope with clark kent's name on it, haha. nice.

Wrick said...

Happy Feb to ya Veek.

my favorites were that professional look with the desk - then recess. and... erm... hey Take Out Your Contacts! and get thee to the bladder splatter pond! ya gotta feel great sooner and more often.

great HCD - co-workers, teeth grindering, plaster-hair and all.

so... erm... sock munchering dreams, eh?

...Wricks trundling off to check the fiber count on his socks...

have fun. aloha - Wrick.

V.K. said...

belated hellos to you both and thanks!!

I'm back online after two weeks with no computer. I'm doing my best to catch up with everyone and thing.

Including reading everyone's comic for February over at the official forums! gah!

hope you both are doing good :-D