Saturday, December 1, 2007

Victoria's December HCD

Well howdy doo. De doot doot doot. De dah dah dah. That's all I wanna say to you. That, and the following day in progress as of 10:15 this evening. Click on the pics for biggers and come on and join us sometime, hay? You can pick any day, or days, for as many hours. Just draw somethin' darn it. It's rilly fun.

**okay I just noticed something new: to click for bigs, it downloads the picture to your desktop whereas last month, Booger would just load a new page in your browser with the bigger picture. What a load of doo doo.**


Wrick said...

aloha Victoria

i've finally had a little while with consistent power and net service both. whew. life is a ride sometimes. sometimes in the driver's seat of a ferrari and sometimes in the back of a guano flat-bed pick-up truck. it's always life tho and life is never wrong, yes.

i have to say i admire your dedication. you've kept your HCDs going and your humor sharp, astute, pointy and brilliant.

sometimes that steadiness is a challenge for me. i know i'm that way about some things.

ok, that aside you have a terrific sense of humor imo. and you visually enhance it well.

it was a treat to find your work here this month. it felt good when i found it - even if the timing was rough for the day you had, the sharing of your day made my day.

think of clint eastwood when dirty harry says, "go ahead punk, make my day." - well veekster your HCD made my day. so thanks.

as well as your HCD making a great year for me too.

of course it was a challenge getting my HCD on the blog this month - that was wind and rain tho. the steadiness of your HCD being here is what enabled me to continue on through the process tho - so, mahalo again.

and then, when i got mine finally up. i came here to comment on yours and... yup zapporrawsta the power flick got me. and i was off the electric juice. so... until now... i didnt get back. hmmmm.....

i like that Jason concept. i may have to explore that a bit. and i have to agree with you about photoshop. i'm still learning it and it's still amazing me. in fact i'm able to do things now i had no idea i could do - but the accumulation of knowledge seems to have a synergistic affect and whoa-wowzers i can do something i hadnt even known could be done.

i like that arrow of time. and that magazine round-up gear. ...altho that library life and abandonment issue... gulp. ya gotta have hope, yes. here's to warm days and warmer insides hopings for you. happy laughtering around what ever holidaying your world crosses in the moments of life. and thanks for inviting me to play in HCD - HCD has been a great spot in my year - i like that..

be having a great new year and keep drawing. cause i intend to do exactly that too.

aloha for a moment and laughtering be on ye - have fun - aloha Wrick. .

V.K. said...

oy! I haven't checked for comments in weeks! thanks Wrick :) I hope you're back up and running again......I see you posted too, so I'm gonna go read yours!

Wrick said...

yup. the electric juice is flowing... erm... flickering a bit but mostly ok now. and the server is a bit steadier too.

you know i disappear and re-appear at times as well. so no worries. the magic wand of wonderment and strange appearances will pass over and upon us all at will. who's will i have no idea and if Will is reading this... oops.

it's amazing to see how we grow and develop over time, yes. it always amazes me. altho sometimes i think i am developing backward and wonder how i could have done something so good a long time ago and now... wt? am i doing now? sheesh.

... be good on ya. keep those dancing tushy places dry - or at least warm and having fun. - aloha - Wrick.