Friday, October 5, 2007

October's Here

Shyooooooooooo! Autumn has arrived!

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Wrick said...

gotta like that shrinking whole technique. i use that myself...

it is amazing how much difference a behind-the-counter person can make in life with every day transactions, yes. if they are just present and doing - and in some way acknowledge you (other than the required obligation or your fired H.e.l.l.o.h.o.w.m.a.y.I.h.e.l.p.y.o.u stuff) in a way that is helpful and a little bit attentive... rather than acting as if you are under their thumb and in the way of their life... it can really make a day shine. amazing.

yuck on the bad stuff. good on the good stuff... like plants! way cool on the planting. i know my bonsai like the attention and talk. i stroll under my bonsai. or sit and talk and ponder all the time. ..

most of all way good on you for holding strong on HCD. you get the high honor award for heart. well done.

have fun. it's a good day to jump in a rain puddle if you're aiming at fun!

aloha - Wrick