Saturday, September 1, 2007


And awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay we go!

Ye can click for biggers

ps - you can listen to Freeworm's streaming music on the web for FREEEEEE:



frogstar said...

i am thoroughly entertained

V.K. said...

that makes two of us :)

thanks froggy !!!

Vivian Evelina said...

holy mother of...! i forgot to scan my hcd today. oh well, i'll do it tomorrow :)

i think it's funny how you pointed out that your bike helmet actually sits lower on your head. it's weird how we feel like pointing certain stuff out while there are like a million other unrealistic things in our drawings that we *don't* feel like we have to correct.

i'm just amazed that you actually do OTHER stuff before going to work in the morning!

V.K. said...

ha ha ha! you're so right, Viv - why some commentary on some things and not others? I was thinking how mushroom-cap that looked......

I'm amazed that I do other stuff too. I honestly do not know how it happens most days.

Can't wait to see what you cooked up this month!!!