Saturday, June 2, 2007

Victoria's June 1st 2007

click for larger pics!


Vivian Evelina said...

busy day, huh? my favourite drawing was the lunch one, heh heh. also, nice squad of hawaiian-shirted librarians!
i will try to get my drawings up soon!

V.K. said...

yeah...workdays have a way of ramping up unexpectedly! all's well. I love my yob :)

I hope your lectures are either going well, or went well, Viv!

Looking forward to seeing your day's worth, chica.

Wrick said...

had me laughing from page 1 V.K.

i especially like that last panel with the nothing much happened but something you cant remember with the alien space saucer. yup. that's gotta be a normal day.

you get a lot of great facial expressions going, i like that too. and that Runner's Mag request and reply sheesh. hahaha. and the nice voice new empoyee. hahahahaha. yup. all in a...Day's Worth!!!!!

cool day V.K. cool take and make on it even more.

cheers. aloha - Wrick

V.K. said...

hee haw! thanks Wrick :) I love doing these days like this. Each time I approach it with mixed feelings. Excitement, but apprehension, like...yar! will I be able to draw? And draw in a way that says what I want? What do I wanna say, anyway??

I'm gonna go re-read yours now. You are doing some cool things with your panels!

Wrick said...

aloha and thanks V.K. - i'm having a great time wtith these HCD days - and yup on the panel play and play with space - i figure if i'm not going to do it the way i wanna do it here, when will i?

hope your computer feels better soon! fun on - aloha - Wrick