Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Victoria's May 1st

Well hello there! Can you believe another month has come and gone again? Believe it, or not, it has. I think it is time for me to invest in a scanner. The light in this apartment isn't the greatest and I can't seem to provide a good source of it either, despite buying a few lights when I moved in. Sorry if it's a bit fuzzy, but I made the pictures pretty big so click to see more better.

Here's a day in the life of a me in Oregon:


Vivian Evelina said...

heh, hair power! i am scanning my pages as we speak! urh, as i type...yeah!

Wrick said...

had my blinkin' blinders off cause i couldnt roll around laughing on the floor hard enough with 'em on, Victoria.

HAIR do pooh on! hahahhahaa. way fun. way way way fun. wait till i tell ya the next episode with Cp: dear me. you are one of the few shopkeepers who are successful at selling postage stamp designs. there fore we are putting them on sale for May and discontinuing them in JUNE. wtf!?!! ...want some? last chance. nows the time (watch for the sale) other wise... bye-bye. sheesh. let's see what else i'm good at that we can get rid of... hahahahah. bwhaalalaahahahahaha.

haa. ha. sheesh. life on the successful Cp net.

way had fun on your HCD. goin' for 4 in a row soon. - hey we've done a quarter of a year already. that'd be like 25 years in a century.

...*blink* ... gotta go read viv. and be good... erm.. or plant some nasturtium....

thanks for your day. aloha - Wrick

V.K. said...

the tao of hair! yes!

So what, the ceo's at CP are wankers or what? It makes no sense. Just like most things don't when wankers run businesses, which most businesses are run by!

Well thanks for all the lovely hellos, both of you - and for sharing your day too! I gotta go re-read Wrick's because as usual there are usually cues and niblets I miss the first time around. It's like easter egg hunting, it is!

Wrick said...

aloha Victoria - actually i understand why they are dropping the postage stamps. i did a little ok, but if i was doing well it didnt have a whole lot of buyers - and they probably have to change their system over every time the postal rates change. hahaha. yikes. i know what that's like because i know how i have to change stuff over when Cp changes something. hahahaha. sheesh. i'm trying to decide if i want to buy a few more sheets so i'll have some for mail art envelopes sometimes. the ones i have now actually also have to have 1 and 2 cent stamps added already - but that's fun because it stamps up the envelope. hahahaha. so i may see if i can get a few sheets of something or other...

yuppers i miss stuff on yours and viv's the first time around too. it's fun to go back through them. i even go back through mine sometimes. i noticed on one of mine where i give Aka a treat i wrote "here" instead of "her" - life in a sketchbook fun day. oops. hahaha.

have fun.